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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Random shots from the last few weeks

At 3 weeks John weighed in at 8lb13oz, which is a record for a Hindle baby at 3 weeks and only 2 oz off birth weight (which for us is amazing!)  I checked last night and Phinn was over 3 months old before he hit that weight.  We are grateful that in our crazy busy lives we have a baby that grows!


ruth hindle said...

Lovely pictures thank you. This is my second attempt to leave comment it often doesn't seem to work. Lovely to see Heidi always seems to have a book with her! Hope to see you all soon

Tom, Esther, Heidi, Hope, Phinehas and Hosea Hindle said...

your comment worked, and it made me happy to see one:)

Janie said...

Lovely Pictures! Beautiful family!