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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One year ago today.......

How am I even writing that?????

Here's a few memories from a year ago today....
I was less tired a year ago today.
It was way more sunny but the 3 days of rain were about to come.
 My big kids went to Heritage Park, and I stayed home.  Well until the emergency transfer into the hospital that is.
I was full of expectation of how I thought the day would go, I was thinking of meeting my boy, and trying not to think of the bit that comes before them placing then in my arms.
I was not even in a hint of labour for most of the morning.
When Viv told me that we had to transfer in I really wished I'd packed my hospital bag before, but was glad that I could cobble one together in the time it took her to book me a bed.
I was and am so glad we have a medical service that allows monitoring of baby and Mums during labour.
I still maintain that the drip is the ultimate way to give birth.  Quick, and quick seems good to me.
Holding John for the first time was beautiful and fulfilling, and there has not been a day that's gone by when I have-not been glad to have him in my arms.   

John you are a sweet sunshine in our lives.  Your little arms have wrapped round my neck for cuddled for months now, completely tight and sweet.  You are content to crawl about and look at toys and siblings, or eat, or sleep.  You are 100 % adored by all who know you, but especially your brothers and sisters. 
Words fail me to describe how wonderful the gift of you to our family is.
Happy 1st birthday.

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