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Friday, July 11, 2014

A few from today, because I'm loving these crazy days with these precious ones

It was Heidi's last day for camp so we dropped her off and then spent a happy day tramping around the park too, bumping into her in several places, walking up the hill, at the rides and when she was delivering mail to the rectory!
We finished up riding on the trolley car which runs through the car park.  It's the sort of thing that there is never time for, so today we made time.  Hosea is convinced that the man that drives it is called the motor bike, and the kind motor man doesn't seem to mind!
Heidi and I will blog her weeks highlights some time next week I hope,  What an activity packed week she had.  She loved it.  And it's so good to have her home tonight and to look forward to spending the day together tomorrow.
Any one know the breed of chicken?  I want one.

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