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Friday, September 25, 2015

4 years ago today......

 Our world changed, 



Then we blinked and you were one.

And then we chased, wiped, trained, chased some more, played, read, and chased after even more and then you turned two.
Two to three was busy too, your imaginations took off and the world was never dull with you two around!
And so tonight is the eve of you turning four.  It's my favourite time of the day, the house is quiet, the gifts are wrapped and I get to sit and look over the pictures from the last few years, and remember all the joy you, Phinn and you, Hosea have brought to our lives.
What are my favourite things about this past year?
Listening to you play, and talk and generally be together,  It thrills my Mummy heart.
Watching you ride horses and cars and scooters up and down the street, waving sticks and talking in that low cowboy voice.
Hearing you plan what you want to do when you grow up, and it needing to be a job for "two guys" at once.
Seeing you include your little brother.
Hearing you quote long passages of scripture and singing "Hallelujah, all I have is Christ" on and off throughout the day.
And a million other things too, too many to record.
So my sweet boys, we love you and pray for the Lord to draw you close to Himself as you grow, so that no matter what you do, it is first and foremost for the glory of God.
Mummy love you up to the moon and back with donuts x

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