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Monday, September 25, 2017

6 years ago today......

Our worlds changed, and two small boys were born.

Then we blinked and you turned one......
And then we chased, wiped, trained, chased some more, played, read, and chased after even more and then you turned two.
Somehow you made it to three.....

And then four....

And then five......

And today my handsome boys are six.

Sometimes when I look back I can't believe that you have changed and grown so much, and then one of you will hug me with a big squeeze and I know that you are the same little boy that my heart remembers.

You started school a few weeks ago, and although you have made our school room a rowdy little place, your enthusiasm is infectious, and seeing you sparkle as you understand things, or hold your head while you think, or hearing you sound out words and really read books is a treasure to your Mama. 

You sat together yesterday on the railway sleeper beside the driveway.  Taking a break from mining diamonds with the rocks and a hammer.  So close to one another.  Like sitting squished to one another. Heidi noticed and called me. I noticed and took note in my heart.  I heard snippets of the intense conversation.  It was about being five and then being six. Important things in your world.  I wanted to take a picture but you moved before I could.  So fleeting.  Precious moment for me to store up and recall to mind when the other part of being a small boy takes over and running and fighting and yelling are the order of the moment. 

My heart swells to think of you.  Our precious twin gift.  The single hardest thing we have done, learning to live with two babies at a time.  But we have never been alone. Gods sustaining help through the prayers of those who love us have seen us through. 

Remember Phinn and Zay.  God is the author  of life and has made you.  His ways are for your good and for His glory.

We love you. xx

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