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Monday, April 19, 2010


I can say a zillian times that I trust in the Lords will.

And then something will test that.

This week it is the waiting for the ash cloud to move and the plane to take off as planned on Sat, so my parents can come see their little Hopie and their big girl Heidi. There is so much longing and planning that have gone into this trip, and excitement and counting down of sleeps and cleaning schedules. It does seem utterly unfair.

I have been reminded this past week of the passage in Job chapters 38-41. It seems so appropriate to the weeks events. A volcano erupts and chaos is the result. All of our plans are shown for what they are, our plans. God is indeed awesome, He was the one who created all things, all the wonderful things outlined in Job, and the volcano.

And so I am somewhere in between, wondering at the majesty of our God, who can create such a world and is so infinitely more than man, and feeling a huge disappointed.

Which leaves me where?

In a place where I have to choose, choose to trust Him yet and His wonderful plans for us, and the timing of them, to pray for a miracle and to praise Him whether I meet a plan on Saturday or not. God is good.

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