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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mum....I want to tell you something

Each night as I leave the room my small girl calls out, Mum I want to tell you something.
I am always amused by what statement she comes out with, usually a question. Tonight it was "Mum, has you ever seen a baby lion that sits on your hands?". Last night was "has you ever seen a car with a flag on it?"

There are many amusing things that come out of her mouth (and a few not so amusing things too). But is did my mummy heart good to hear her sitting on the stairs the other morning "reading" my bible. "Jesus is so big, and he is God's son". Stated simply with absolute trust, 2 truths. You can't say ask for more as a parent, than that she will continue to hold on to truth with childlike trust.

Jesus is so big and he is God's son Amen

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