Morning time plans

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Falling, falling, falling.

It has only stopped snowing briefly since Monday. The novelty of shoveling walks in -17 plus wind chill is wearing thin.


We are enjoying the time together.
Birthday plans are being made for a small girl and her not so small Daddy.
There are lists being made of Christmas crafts to start and finish.
The decorations are being dusted off. I may even break out of the white and silver only mold.
We have made plans to borrow an unused fake tree this year, as someone we know and love will eat all the dropped needles.
Heidi wants to know if there will be presents. She is just the right age to catch the excitement and to let it shine in her eyes. Gorgeous.
I am catching up on the sewing/upholstery/quilting projects that have been building up.
Heidi is getting extremely useful with baking and enjoys it.
We are planning to fill the house with smells of mince pies and butter tarts and millionaires shortbread and toffee. Mmmnnn.

It is a good time to be snowed in.

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