Morning time plans

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our sweet kitty came to live at our house on Saturday night.

She is a farm cat, and was run over.

When we were out helping (a very tiny bit I have to say) with cows, I took a look and decided that there was no break in her front leg, most likely nerve damage. With the help of google it was decided that rest for 5 weeks was what she needed most and so she is here for it. Hurray.

Yes, I am allergic. Yes, we have a baby. Yes, we have a kitty.

But she is so cute.

Heidi got to name her.
Me: Heidi what shall we call the kitty.
Heidi: Berry
Me: She is a white kitty, is berry a good name for a white kitty?
Heidi: Oh yeah!...Cherry.

And so we have called her Cherry. She is sweet. Getting her confidence in walking with only 3 legs and one to drag around. She is using her licorice box (another Heidi-ism) and sleeps for long periods in the bathroom. She avoids Hope at all costs.

For now we are all happy.


Lowri said...

If I get injured can I come and live with you?!

Tom, Esther, Heidi and Hope Hindle said...

Always. But you can come do it anyway with no injury too!