Morning time plans

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I wanted my camera this morning. I had two excited girls running around the house with a big balloon each,
Heidi's was pink.
Hope had a purple one.
Heidi was busy doing tricks, spinning the balloon above her head, watch it go higher and higher each throw. 'Look Mummy look, it's spinning'.
She was declaring how strong Hope was to be able to walk around with a balloon.
Hopes joy was simple. A huge balloon right in front of her eyes. Her giggles were infectious, her smile wide, her eyes sparkling.

Then came the tears. The pink balloon went the way of all balloons eventually. It was in the hands of the one who did not own the pink one!

I guess it was a good indication of the fact that things are not all as they seem with my Heidi girl, she is quicker to cry, and the tears last longer. And she woke up too early, went to bed too late.

But my Heidi girl will be ok. She is loved and cared for by her heavenly Father, as well as her one on earth. She has it sorted in her mind and will tell everyone that she is going to England and will come back if God wants her too. She hugged her pink bunny yesterday morning and reassured it 'I'll see you again, if it's God's will for me to come back'.

Yes Lord, and let us live it with boldness, our days are in your hands and you have a plan for each of them.

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