Morning time plans

Friday, July 8, 2011

I had plans today.....

Today is the day of the year I get up super early.

And wake my children early.

We find jeans, and button down shirts in the second drawer down in the white drawers in their bedroom.

We find boots and hats by the back door and in the shoe cupboard. We even have some for the baby.

We put beautiful blonde hair in braids, and make sure the picnic breakfast is packed.

We pile in cars, park at a friends, load children into wagons and strollers and slings and walk and then run across the bridge, calling for everyone to keep up.

We stand on the pavement and wait till the whistle blows at 7.30, then we pile onto the road, and set up chairs in a long line.

Then we crack open the picnic and Nicky goes for coffee. I have a good excuse ready every year as to why it is her turn to go and get them! None as good as this year I may add.

Then the fun begins, the bands begin to play, and the horses come on by. The sun-cream is applied, we peel off layers of clothes, and try not to get too hot.

When it's over, we do it all in reverse, except that there is less energy for getting back up the hill and into the cars.

I guess the reality is that my plans for the day are not going to happen.

I am learning a little more each day that my plans are not important.

I must trust. The Lord has His plan, and it is for me to spend the morning in the house in the pouring rain, playing hard to keep the girls amused and trying not to cry when Heidi unknowingly tears at her Mummy's heart by playing parades this morning. I had plans! and I need to trust that we are in exactly the right place for this season.

Dying to self and living for Christ is the key to joy. Today I will fight for that joy, and trust. He is faithful.


Little Jones said...

Oh, Es! I love you and miss you so much - this made me smile and cry :)

Laurie said...

This made me cry too! We miss you!