Morning time plans

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our baby boys are growing big and strong. Every time they kick and wiggle it feels a little more like they are looking for a bit more space. There is one quiet and one active. I wonder if that will continue through life? They are 27 weeks old. I am hoping to be meeting them in about 10 weeks time. That excites me and scares me. And fills me with questions.

Where will we be living?
How long will the labour be? Can I do it all myself?
When will my paperwork arrive, and when if does come, will it be too late? That's a lot of wasted tears and time! How will we get all the new paperwork done for the boys when we are juggling feeds, small girls who need us and being in transition?
Will we get settled into Canada in time before they come providing the flying happens?
34 - 27 = 7. 7 more weeks before we can't come even if we want to.

This I do know, that Christ will strengthen me, we can do all that He asks of us.

May we never loose sight of where our strength and help will come from.

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