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Friday, August 26, 2011


As of Monday this week we know that we will be staying in the UK for the birth of our twins.

I think it would have been an easier thing to find out, had we not come so close to booking flights ie planned to book Monday afternoon and to fly yesterday. To be going home seemed so close, so right and so exciting. All the familiar things would be ready in the house to bring two tiny boys home to, I guess I was looking forward to it being easy to plan.

But, the Lord has a good plan for us. We are still unclear what that it, but it seems prudent to stick around here and keep the same medical team that I am under currently. We have started looking for accommodation for the 4-6 of us, but so far finding that a little difficult. It is hard to find places for only 3 months.

Our girls are doing well. Hope of course has all she needs and remembers around her. Heidi was a little tearful when we told her, but when we enquired as to why she was crying she was at least honest! She wants to be the only British one of the 4!

There is much to sort out, and things to bog us down and rob us of the joy of living here, now, because this is what God has lovingly and rightly provided for us.

But there is also a small glimmer of excitement welling up in me. In just a few weeks I will get to meet my sons. That indeed is cause for joy.

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Laurie said...

I am rejoicing with you at the thought of you meeting your boys so soon and yet, I confess, to sitting here in tears reading this post. Maybe it's selfishness on my part, too. I'm with Heidi, I wanted her to be the only one born British also :)

May you feel great peace and a wonderfully settled feeling knowing the Lord has it all worked out and everything will be here for you when you get here.