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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas seems wonderful and strange all at the same time.

I am sitting in a quiet house, all others are asleep in bed and its not yet 9.30.  All evidence of the crazy busy noisy day is cleared away, and the temptation to start several projects is great. 

But I am restraining myself to the basics, the advent calender is up, each little pocket containing a decoration and a section of the Christmas story. There will be two excited girls in the morning, this is the first year we have had to share hanging the decorations.  I wonder how that will go.  And I have found the devotional book, it takes us from Genesis to the manger in a wonderful and simple way, there are activties to do together each day.  I am looking forward to it.  It was in the wreath box, oh I want to hang it, and maybe some of the other decorations, but I will regret it if I get started. 

A short few hours and there will be some small bleats, a snuffle or two and if they are ignored then a loud complaining eruption will sound.  And then his brother will join in.........

The peace of everyone in bed is so inviting, so calming, so energizing.  It is a promise that there will come a time when nights are again for sleeping and days are for activity and laughter. 

But the stage we are in now, is given as a gift.  Each and every part. Christmas is about the ultimate gift, and it Christs coming was not as expected.  I want to make a conscious effort to look of the joy in each moment of each busy day, and give thanks for it is a good gift given by a loving Father. 

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