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Monday, November 28, 2011

Safely arrived

Here we are, back in Calgary, enjoying the Christmas carols on the radio and the dusting of snow we woke up to this morning. It all seems very peaceful, that I am sure will be shattered shortly by two small boys, or two smallish girls or even both.

The journey back was certainly easier than we expected. Thank you to all who were praying that day. From the taxi stand at Gatwick right through to immigration in Canada we were helped with bags and children and taken the front of queues and generally treated like kings. How many couples traveling with four children four and under could boast that they watched a movie in peace or had a 2 hour nap? 5 hours in all of the kids were asleep, and the girls stayed so pretty much until we had to get them sat up for landing. The airline had their heads screwed on too, and had activity bags for the kids which included headphones for the in-flight entertainment and served the kids meals first so Tom and I could each help one and we didn't have the stress of lots of trays in a confined space at the same time.

We were embarresingly moved straight to top of the line at passport control in Canada and then again at the immigration section. This probably saved us at least a good 2 hours. We were grateful.

Off to change nappies......will try and finish later :)

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Lowri said...

I'm so glad you're journey back was as stress free as possible. It is so heart-warming to know you were well taken care of!

Lots and lots and lots of welsh love to you all.