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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days overflowing with grace

 Heidi girl is plugging away at her school work, she was whispering 3,4,5,6 when writing out 6 of each letter on the list.

These boys are too handsome for their own good.  Much laughter and joy, and drool from Hosea right now.  I've not had such a drooly one before.  Perhaps I'll dig out some bibs!

These two have a special bond. Hope was tickled pink that Hosea was in a special little boat and played with him for a long time.  Sometimes sitting beside, sometimes pulling him along. Since we packed alot of toys away to make it easier to keep the house clean for showings, we have made good use of these couple of boxes, Mummy's tupperware and some rocks!  On that note, the house sold in a record 6 days.  The Lord was very gracious to us that we did not have an endless summer for keeping it immaculate, and also that can be here till the middle of August.  And.....we heard today that our neighbours Mum does want us to rent and renovate her house, so we have somewhere that more that meets our needs.  What a wonderful God we have.  
 Painting like elephants out the back.  We had a great day at the zoo last Thursday and got the idea from watching an adult corporate team building day.  The children are so precious to watch being fascinated by God's creations.  Highlights included hearing the female elephants trumpeting, and Heidi getting to hold a new born butterfly before it was launched out in the butterfly house.  It was one of the those days that will be a happy memory always.   
 Eating supper Alberta style.  We had a Weiner roast with friends last Friday night, that's a bonfire with hot dogs cooked over it on sticks, and then roasted marshmallows.  It was slightly damp and the mossy's were out, so the boys feasted on cream cheese and strawberry wraps tucked up in the boot of our mini van.  The lilacs courtesy of Hope added a certain something don't you think?
And finally Fathers day.  Tom certainly has a rabble to control.  This pic sums up our lives right now, crammed full, colourful and happy.

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