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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two years ago today.........

 Our world changed, 



Then we blinked and you were one.

And then we chased, wiped, trained, chased some more, played, read, and chased after even more and today you turn two.
There was no way that we could have imagined a year so full as last year.  But the one thing that you have brought that weighs out all the busyness and tiredness is much joy.  You've taught your Mama to laugh in chaos, to pray when tired and to say thank you when offered help.  I marvel at the gift you are to us, and thank God for you. 
The things you love right now are trains and eating and getting on you gogo's to be outside and running at full speed.  You make animal noises, roar at people and try to bite their toes and have trouble figuring out your name from your brothers.  Your sisters adore you and you them.  You want so much to hold baby, but struggle son hard to be gentle, You are naughty, but often in such cute ways that we have to back away to laugh before we help you learn what is right. Having your best friend to get into things with must be so fun.  
Happy second birthday boys.
Choo choo!

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Ruth said...

Happy birthday to our lovely grandsons. Enjoy your day