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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What fun we've had today.
Last Sat we went to Heritage park and did lots of train things (I will blog those pics soon too but not tonight as I'm too tired.....)
So today was about their other great love, FOOD.
It started with pressies though, as all good birthdays should.  


We went to Cora's a breakfast restaurant which is scrummy.  The plates are huge, our 4 share one, and then munch on a bit of the adult ones. 

 It was chocolate brioche French toast with banana's and strawberries for the kids today.


We let them know that our sweet boys has a big day and they brought out this complimentary dessert.  It's hard to see but there are 2 birds made of apple with the writing of custard and jam to dip it in.  Double yum.  They came with sparklers on the top too. 
 At home later we had high tea,

Egg train sandwiches with veg cargo.

And icecream sandwich train cake for dessert. 

And the day ended with a train piñata, theres; some pretty funny footage of them banging at it trying to get it open I'll share soon.

They are happily tucked up fast asleep which is where their tired Mummy is headed too.  Hosea lay in his bed holding a new train saying happy over and over.

Heidi has her first field trip tomorrow so that should be fun too.  Busy days.

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