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Monday, October 11, 2010

Calaway Park

Today was the Thanksgiving holiday. Our local theme park (more of a fair ground meets theme park) had their appreciation weekend, which meant that we could attend for free with a donation to the food bank and showing a Co-op card.
Never ones to pass off a bargin we set to, and took our little girls the park.
I have to say I did not expect too much of Heidi. The carosel for sure, perhaps a tame ride with a parent.

Well I was wrong. While Tom went on the rollercoaster with some bigger kids, Heidi was game to try the kiddy rollercoaster.

Take a look at her face she loved it. In fact she rode it over and over again. Around 13 times in all!

This is not nearly as high as it looks and there was someone else with her.

So in the spirit of her new found need for adrenaline we took her on the log flume. Wow was it high and we got soaked, but it was fun.
Here was are at the top of the big slide.

The first time she rode it she wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry, but after hearing us all laughing about how fun it was and how funny it was that we were wet she was desperate to go right back on.

Fun fun fun.

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