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Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Hero to plain old Dad in one easy misunderstanding

At breakfast yesterday we had juice.

This is not that common in the Hindle house, but good offers are what they are and so we had juice.

I told Heidi that we would take Tom up a glass so he could get some vitamins as he is working hard and is very tired at the moment.

Why she asks.

'Well, he has a deadline to meet and so we wont get to see him much this week but we are going to spend all weekend with him and Monday too'. (thanksgiving in this country. Yes Ruth, Another day off!)

Breakfast continued until my sweet girl piped up.

'What a real lion!'
'Did he kill it?'

At which point breakfast stopped because I could no longer continue for trying not to laugh.

Hands up who thinks vitamins will help in the quest of killing lions.

Heidi is now in the proud possession of a new word. That and a story which will be retold for the rest of her life!

This is the Hindle family girls, as drawn by Heidi, October 2011. She's in the middle with the dress, I'm one side, Hopie the other. I forget who's wearing what.

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