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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hope eats beetroot

We got a little fancy with our meals round here lately. Heidi has been growing beetroot in her garden and so it's time to start using it!

Last week I blended 3 small roasted beets into the carrot and lentil soup I found in the freezer.

It made an amazing coloured soup to which we added a dolup of sour cream. It looked super fancy until Heidi stirred it in just before I took a picture. The sour cream makes it taste so good. But then I think that sour cream makes most things taste good. Heidi claims that the soup tasted sour but I suspect she was just getting clever at association.

Hope it willing to eat anything.

She tucked in (with a little help from her Mum. It was beetroot after all.

After a taste she wasn't quite sure anymore.

But she ate it anyway.

For the record, she is now returned to a normal colour.

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