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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Hope

We have had a beautiful day celebrating the gift of Hope.

We started with breakfast. Mmmmn, baked oatmeal and pears. Our Hopie loves to eat but she always polishes off large quantiities of this.

Onto pressies. Thank you everyone for all the lovely things that you sent. She gave us a wonderful entertaining time opening them and playing with the paper :)

Her big sister bought her this ball with her own money!
And it smells like a blueberry. Which is a little gross, but Heidi was thrilled with.

After pressies we took the girls swimming. It was a lot of fun and Hope was thrilled with it.
She slept very well too this afternoon.

In a slight change to the expected order of event we had a little soiree for Tom's birthday more than Hope's, although the loud singing was for both of them. A curry feast was enjoyed by all.

By the end of the day my small girl cuddled onto my lap and snuggled for a while. Instead of nursing she just closed her eyes and fell asleep!

Wonder what time of the night she'll be up for a feed?

We love you Hope. You fill our lives with so much joy.

BTW we are having a Hope party on Sat :)

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