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Monday, December 13, 2010

Hope's party day

We had a fun packed day on Saturday with friends, which we used to celebrate Hope's birthday.
There was sledging.....which we all enjoyed.

Babies bundled up ready for hitting the slopes.

Heidi has a red coat this year. She is with her friend Audrey and her beloved Little Jones.
Then back to Kurt and Holly's for food....

and drinks. Holly makes the best coffee's in the world!

We had birthday cupcakes after a loud rendition of "Happy Birthday".

The plan was to have a catterpillar cake, but after a few mild disasters we christened these cupcake bushes and realised that they were cute enough!

Adorable! She was so thrilled to be allowed to pick one and have it to hereself!

Mmmmn, icing is good, why is it that you never let me have it before?

Suddenly this was all that was left!

And if that wasn't enough in the day, we headed off to Zoolights. Basically the whole zoo is swathed in lights and there are things like fire-pits and people making ice-sculptures and crazy fun games like making igloo's out of polystyrene blocks!

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