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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big cook

For a while now there have been few of us planning to do 'The Big Cook'. It's where you gather together with your friends and prepare and freeze masses of meals in sandwich bags ready to pull out whenever needed. The sample recipe looks good to try too.

Seeing as beef and pork were on sale this week, we concentrated on those. And because strawberries and peppers were a good price too we got stuck into adding more to the schedule of the day!


2 batches of freezer jam
25 peppers roasted, skinned and frozen for future use. Mmmn I love roasted red peppers in things but never remember to take the time to get organised before I cook! (Does that surprise anyone!?)
4 beef fajita meals
2 marinaded steak meals
1 roast prepared ready for beef dips
2 sweet and sour pork meals
1 mango pork meal
and 1 1/2 joints of pork for me to stuck into today because we ran out of time!

They look nice all lined up in the freezer, neatly labeled. Ready for the day I have no time, or cannot think of anything to cook.

I would recommend it, get together with some friends, buy a whole bunch of what ever is on offer, and get it prepared and ready to roll.

We also got to visit with a lady from church who is pregnant, and has hyperemesis gravidarum but was feeling up to sitting and chatting a little (once we had cleared up from the big cook!). Anyways, she is a talented seamstress and I had taken some fabric out that I had pulled off my shelves thinking of putting a quilt together. I was after advise, and for people to pull out any they didn't think coordinated. We had been too busy all day cooking to get to it, and so I sat them down for her to look through. In record time, she had divided them up into 3 piles and sorted out that I actually had 3 quilts in the package not one! Wow, I have to say, it was so obvious, but I couldn't see it. Talented. The problem is, which one do I start first?

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