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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guide to Stampede

You must start Stampede the way that Stampede is supposed to be started, down town, ridiculously early and with 300,000 other people to watch the parade.

Because it is the hottest day of the year so far, you eat strawberries in the shade, the best way you know how. And you can hose babies off, because it is so hot.

And then on Sat. morning, you get up early again, and go to the Bowness parade (still in Calgary, just a specific part) and get a free breakfast before the fun begins.
Doesn't Tom look like he is having fun?

It is the perfect time for babies to get their first pancake, although it should be rescused off the plate before the syrup is slathered on!

Then the fun part of this parade begins. Sweets are thrown by every float, and all that the kids have to do is run run run and collect more sweets than is good for anyone.
And the adults sit and direct the kids as to where to run to!

These people were cute, and threw good candy!

And this girl thought all her Christmases had come at once!

Then on Monday you drag yourself out of bed again, and head down to the Stampede ground to do some watching of your friend

And see her win these in the Miniature horse show. Cool outfit Sarah!

Then there's fake horses to ride.....

And cute babies to watch you ride them!

All this would be enough, but you must must press on for the most free meals in 10 days, and so on Wed we headed out for another pancake breakfast. All ran according to plan, except I brought home a little member of the armed forces. Can Brits be in the Canadian armed forces?

Not sure I'll have the camera for the breakfast tomorrow morning, but I will be there. Free food is a must!

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