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Sunday, July 4, 2010

"I could own my own grocery store and that still would not eliminate “the 5 o’clock stare” into my cupboard every day. Someone please just tell me what to make!"

I was reading a web page tonight from a meal planning company. You sign up, and then every week you get the meals, recipes, and shopping list for your choice of supermarket to download.

Wouldn't this be great! But, I am not about to pay $5 a month, especially as it is US based and therefore the ingredients list is does not coordinate with the offers in the Canadian Walmart. My other main one is that some members of my family are restricted in their likes and dislikes(!!) so for the one I looked at tonight only 2-3 meals would be eaten by my gang. There were many options for specialist menus like low carb and low fat, but none for picky eater!

So, it is time, to sit down and try and make a meal plan for the week based on what is on offer in the flyer and what I have in the pantry.

Because I would so love to not stare into the cupboard everyday with the slight sense of dread when I really cannot think of anything to make!

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Anonymous said...

still wondering...who is the "picky" eater....Tom's mum!