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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

The 1st of July has rolled around again and we get to join in the celebrations for Canada day. As far as I can tell it means that everyone gets the day off, and there are a great deal more red and white flags fluttering around. I discovered today that there are many ways to tie a flag about your person and walk down the street.

We joined friends for a trip to Princes Island Park which is in the middle of the Bow river. It was a great day out, lots of things going on. We watched a kids drama, and some martial arts, before chilling out under a tree listening to a band play and watch Heidi get dancing along!

Tom had an important conversation with Heidi tonight about sweets and teeth, and that eating sweets is not good for your teeth, they can rot and then need metal bits put in. He went as far as showing her the metal bits in his teeth. So, she made a well thought through decision. No, she has taken no stand against the perils of sweets and decided that she would not like to have them. She has decided that she would like metal in her teeth so she can eat the sweets! Whoops, not quite the ending we were looking for.

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