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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our sweet Heidi girl was born on June 1st 2007 with big blue eyes, 4 squirming limbs and a good set of lungs!

On the end of one of her legs was a foot which stuck out in front and looked to our eyes to be normal.  On the end of the other leg was a foot which was rotated round and her toes stuck up toward her ears!  'Just squished I imagine' was her mothers comment, we had no way to know if babies came out looking slightly odd!

The  official term was calcaneovalgus club foot and we spent some months with a great team working with it in Southampton, casting and splinting.


At 1 she had no visible signs of having had any deformity before.  Amazing compared to what it had looked like.

At 2 she was checked by a doctor in Calgary, and it was agreed that she was indeed free from all evidence of deformity.

Two summers ago, Heidi's foot stopped growing, but the end of the summer she was 2 shoe sizes different.  Annoying for shoe shopping, but no big deal as such.

Then is seemed to be deforming, the toe pulling into the heal.  We got a referral made back to the orthopedic surgeon who had checked her at 2.


'Oh dear dear dear' were the words he used to describe it when she took her boot off.

And so began our journey with the right foot again.  It seems that the two incidents are unrelated.  There was no evidence that this has been caused by a neurological event or growth (for which we are incredibly grateful).

Heidi's right foot was knit together in her mothers womb according to God's perfect plan for her.  Heidi's right foot is distorting and shrinking according to God's perfect plan for her.


We do not know the cause of her foot shrinking. We may never.  We may never be able to correct the leg length discrepancy and this could cause issues in the future, not necessarily huge ones, but subtle, everyday, causing us to rely on the promises of God's word for strength and endurance kind of ones. 

How grateful we are as parents that we have been in locations where we have access to medical teams who are experienced, compassionate and understanding.  They have made her appointments fun and informative.  She know what to expect on Thursday and is prepared as much as she can be.  The stark reality of waking up from anesthetic and feeling awful may jolt her trust for a little while, but she is safe in her hands of the one who made her, for His glory alone.

We hope she is well for Thursday, but that is in His hands alone too.

Thank you for praying with us. 

Cute picture heh?

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