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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 We went to the hospital today to get her cast changed and the wound checked. 

It's all looking well.  Well, unless you are five and then it is looking less than well.  Heidi did not enjoy the cast coming off, the leg and foot wash or the decision as to what colour her cast should be.  IN the end, Daddy picked and she is more than pleased with it.  I had to get some pics today while it is still looking lovely and perfect and pink....the other one didn't do that well with the abuse it took form little girls jumping around all over the place with it. 
 I wonder what it's like to have legs like these........

And the sweet Hopie is very sure that she has one foot bigger than the other, and she is heading for an MRI and surgery and all the fun things Heidi gets to do....... this pic certainly seems to prove it!  Cast shoes are not the most attractive thing are they?

Today was the first day that Heidi has had any kind of tears or sadness about this whole thing.  And when it came it all came at once and loudly.  Pray for her, as she works through it, and for us as we deal with her with humility as our beloved child, wisdom as to when to sympathise and jolly along and when enough is enough is greatly needed in my life.   I'm not sure that sentence makes any sense, but you get the idea!

Off to bed.......

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