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Monday, March 18, 2013

There isn't much of an update really....she's still being told to slow it down, and pretty much medication free.  We are praising God for His goodness to us in this matter, it is so different to what I imagined it would be like.  Brings to mind the command not to worry about tomorrow as today has enough of its own. 
We are taking it gently today, lego, dolls, books, breadmaking and a bit of power tool usage for Mum!  Tom finally persuaded me that we needed to make some changes so my whole day was not picking everything they destroyed.  Cupboard fasteners were the order of today.  Hosea is less than impressed when he pulls and gets an inch or so of opening!! How will they pour bran flakes all over the floor?  I have been so reluctant, wanting to train them as to the boundaries, but perhaps now I will be able to do that when not all the day is spent reacting to chaos.  I have left a couple of non food cupboards undone for that purpose.  Using my new drill was pretty fun anyway, I want to build and build and build now, but guess that would take my time that I just got back from the whole bran flake clean up!
 We've been having some visitors recently, at all times of the day and night.  This was taken in the neighbours garden (alongside the polar bear the girls love to visit) but they go between the two yards.  It explains the foot prints up the hedge that never seemed to come back.  I thought the post man was being cheeky but I saw one of these lovelies leaping over the hedge so mystery solved.

And finally, aren't they precious.  Can't express how blessed we are.

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