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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perfect spring day.....
We spent lots of time outside.  It looks cold in the pics but was really very warm.  By the afternoon the babies we playing out in long sleeve t-shirts, vests and wellie's!
 Finding treasure, the usual kind, rocks, pinecones, old leaves, his sisters wet socks some chunks of ice.
 Sometimes playing together is fun....Phinn is happy if he can make some noise so sticks are the perfect toy.
 Pressies came, yum
 Double yum.
 There was much huffing and puffin giving sledge runs up and down the drive.....on the melted part of course as Hope had no boots on.  How is it that she was still singing at 9pm after so much effort????
 The girls made bird feeders with pinecones rolled in peanut butter and then bird seed.
Let's hope the little woodpecker and finches spot them before the magpies and crows and squirrels!

All the more special as we are due for more snow tomorrow and 0 degrees!

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