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Monday, March 8, 2010

Chopping wood

We had a happy busy day on Sat, helping Mike and Nicole get their veggie garden plot a bit more usable for the coming year.

There was taking back one row of Cotoneasters (keeping in the little ones though for me to dig out for a free hedge this spring!)
Hope helped by sleeping well in the fresh air, well as fresh as it gets being parked next to the compost heap!

I missed getting a picture of Tom with the axe getting down around 30 poplars, here's the stumps that are left. He plans to chainsaw the stumps when more of the snow is gone.
We hauled the wood out to the waiting truck.....
And chopped it up into firewood.

And the best part is that there's brush wood waiting to dry ready for a giant bonfire :)

One of those precious days when the sun is warm on your back, you are amongst friends, the children are playing happily and you go to bed exhausted!

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