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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Wreath


It seems so hard to keep this week in perspective. I don't want to let it pass and find that I skip to Sunday's celebration without fully realising the cost of Friday. But I am looking forward to Sundays celebration.

And how do you couple it all with the commercial things. We do Easter eggs, and use them to decorate our home, I guess in a similar way to we decorate a tree at Christmas, but how do we ensure that they don't take away from the truth and seriousness of Easter and why we have it. I desperately don't want to do things because I think they are fun(egg hunts) or pretty (egg wreaths), if they take away and belittle Easter, I want to be willing to loose the things that take away from Christ.

And in writing all this out I am realising, that I want to let them know that this is a very special time of year. We decorate at Christmas and at Thanksgiving, and at Easter because it it a very special time of year. We are not having an egg hunt because the Easter bunny left them, but because we want to mark days as special, making a special effort to give our girls and ourselves a special event, as a celebration. Because the finished work at the cross is worth celebrating. I am praying about how to put in place good traditions, and am excited to see how our Easter celebration pans out over the years.
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