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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Schedule is planned

Well, I finally sat down and sorted out the first draft of the schedule. I am sure that it will need some tweaking as I have already noticed that the laundry fails to make an appearance. It would be good to say, not on the schedule, not doing it, but I suspect that will not work as there are no elves in my house to do it for me (and Mum's not due for a few weeks to come)! Also if I adopt this as a standard for things I hate, then do I have to use it for fun things! So, laundry will find a spot I am sure.

The book I am using suggests for the first week just aim to follow the schedule to 9 am which sounds sensible and so that's the plan for tm. That's 3 hours of organised time! Argh. The hardest past aside from getting up at 6 is persuading Heidi to stay in bed till 7. Hopefully preschool time with Mum, (10:30 each day) will help her to learn what a 7 looks like and then she will be able to figure out when she is allowed out her room. Praying for us would be appreciated, I really do want to do this as a benefit to the girls, and a Mum who has had her quiet time, and showered and dressed is a better thing.

I've been following the chores schedule that I made out for a week now and it really is going well.
Each day we have set chores (sweeping kitchen, downstairs bathroom, tidying rooms and laundry).
The the other weekly chores are divided up monday to thursday.
Fridays are reserved for one of 4 monthly chores.
One sat a month Tom is going to take our Heidi girl out while I spring clean one of the 6 areas of the house, so that's each room thoroughly stripped out and cleaned twice a year.

Lets see how it goes.

I am quite exhausted thinking about it!

Time for bed.

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