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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1!

It feels a little like so far so good, not sure how the rest of the day will pan out, but we shall see.

I think the best bit of my day is preschool time with Heidi (today we did block puzzles with her having to really think about where pieces go) followed by sewing or another craft. I started making a cushion cover for her so she has a special spot to sit for bible time. She had a ball sorting through my scraps basket and deciding which fabrics she likes. Today I cut a whole bunch into 4x4 squares, and will see what takes our fancy for a design when we reach this point. Taking time to sew for my girls is wonderful.


So the rest of the day....

rest time for us all

chores that weren't finished this morning (Me while the girls are sleeping)

outside time/ errands (although if the promised wet snow and freezing rain comes will change to a movie)

supper prep and eating (the bit where Hope cries and we try to enjoy our supper)

and playing with Dad (Heidi's fav. bit if the day)
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Lowri said...

Yeay Esther! Well done you. Stick with it.
But remember, whether you get all your chores done or not, you are still a wonderful wife and mother.